Physical Education and University Sport

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The purpose of the journal is to highlight and draw attention to topical issues in the field of physical education and university sports; to create a single scientific platform for the integration of knowledge and experience of scientists and practitioners from different countries in the field of physical education and university sports.

The main headings of the journal correspond to the Nomenclature of the following scientific specialties, in which academic degrees are awarded:

5.2. Economics (5.2.3. Regional and sectoral economics; 5.2.6. Management), 5.4. Sociology (5.4.3. Demography; 5.4.4. Social structure, social institutions and processes; 5.4.6. Sociology of culture; 5.4.7. Sociology of management), 5.8. Pedagogy (5.8.4. Physical culture and professional physical training; 5.8.5. Theory and methodology of sports; 5.8.6. Improving and adaptive physical culture; 5.8.7. Methodology and technology of professional education)